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Mary Jane

"I have arthritis and needed something to clean my shower that actually works the first time. The sales rep suggested that I try Shower Clean. It is the BEST product that I have ever used and actually removes hard water deposits, soap scum & the body oils without scrubbing."

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Our Story

At the age of 14, Bob Silbaugh left his home of Twin Falls, Idaho and journeyed to Oregon, where he worked the cherry orchards. Bob had a stubborn streak and an independent spirit, and he spent the next several years working at farm labor, then in a silver mine in Nevada, and then a stint in the US Marine Corps. He also got married, started a family and moved to California, where he took up work as a janitor. After many years of cleaning, he got into the manufacturing side of the janitorial business, first working for large, established firms. Then, in 1969, he founded Kleenco and started making his own products. We've been making those same products ever since. We're still family-owned and rely on our decades-old relationships with independent retailers to distribute our products. If you have any cleaning questions, contact us for expert advice. We appreciate your visit.

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