Finishes, sealers, cleaners and strippers . . . all designed to make your floor care easy!
High Shine Acrylic Floor Finish

High quality acrylic polymer floor finish. Features outstanding resistance to scuffing, heel marking, dirt pick-up and detergent cleaning. No need to buff. Just apply to a clean floor - dries in minutes to an immediate high gloss. No special application techniques required with this easy maintenance finish. Average coverage: 2,500 square feet per gallon, 22% total solids.
Stain Resistant Acrylic Floor Seal

Acrylic basecoat formulated to give extra protection to all resilient floor surfaces. Protects against harsh cleaners, hard wear, abrasion, and up to 60 staining agents. Formulated for compatibility with all Kleenco conventional floor finishes. Use Under-Coater to enhance finish gloss and extend finish life.
Conventional Spray-Buff

A companion product to conventional floor finishes. Use periodically to restore the appearance of resilient floors. Removes scuffs, scratches and black heel marks. Regular use produces a smoother deeper gloss.
General Purpose Floor Detergent

A general-purpose floor detergent formulated for compatibility with all conventional floor finishes. Designed to give rapid soil penetration without effecting the finish gloss or durability.
Heavy-Duty Wax and Finish Remover

Heavy-duty stripper for problem floors. Keyed to dissolve all acrylic and styrene acrylic finishes. Tough build-ups are no problem for this heavy-duty product. Its high concentration and quick penetrating action produces savings of time, money and effort for any routine floor care program.
Non-Ammoniated Stripper

A pH controlled stripping solution that uses solvent technology to dissolve acrylic floor finishes. Formulated with a minimum of alkaline builders. This low pH formula leaves no residue on the floor, cuts the costly time consuming step of rinsing.
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